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FiiO FH1 Balanced-Armature Dynamic Hybrid In Ear Monitor Earphones

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The FH1 IEM adopts a hybrid dynamic-balanced armature design, in which the 10mm titanium diaphragm driver produces abyssal lows while the Knowles 33518 balanced armature driver provides exquisite mids and highs. These two drivers work perfectly in harmony to allow you to truly dive into a musical, yet highly detailed experience. 

The FH1 uses the latest 33518 balanced armature by the reknowned audio company Knowles to bring both a rich, yet delicate expression of music. To achieve the highest sound quality possible,the Knowles balanced armature unit is placed inside the sound tube (to minimized its distance to the ear) and made of brass (with its higher density than aluminum, it provides a more stable base with less undesirable resonances). All of this results in a natural, yet effortless sound in all parts of the sound frequency spectrum.  

The FHI uses a meticulously designed crossover system so that the hybrid dynamic - balanced armature design can reproduce any frequency within the 20Hz to 40kHz range with the utmost fidelity. The FHI has been certified by the Japan Audio Society to be “Hi-Res Audio” capable. This means that the FHI is capable of a frequency response up to 40kHz, which can fully reproduce the audio and give you a natural and life-like listening experience that truly lets you listen to the music the way the artist wanted it to sound.

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