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FiiO FH11 Dual Driver (Dynamic & BA) Hybrid IEMs w. Detachable Cable

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Introducing the all-new FiiO FH11 dual-driver hybrid set of in-ear monitors from FIiO. Belonging to the new “Bionic Conch” series of products that aims to deliver quality sound and exquisite aesthetics that punch way above its price bracket. The FH11 houses a 10mm carbon-based diaphragm dynamic driver unit along with a custom-tuned Balanced armature driver enclosed in a three-chamber acoustic cavity design. The pair features a C-shaped acoustic flute design that notably enhances the sound quality of the pair. Prepare yourself to experience enhanced sound with rich characteristics with the FiiO FH11!!

With their years of expertise in designing premium quality audio products, FiiO has designed the FH11 as a part of their “Bionic Conch” series of affordable in-ear monitors. FH11 has an exquisitely designed architecture that promises quality sound reproduction with a detailed lower-end response. The pure High-Resolution audio that the FH11 produces complements different genres such as EDM, Rock, Pop, etc.

FiiO has featured a 10mm carbon-based diaphragm dynamic driver unit on the FH11. The driver here has been designed after an in-depth study of the performance of higher-end models such as the FF5 and the FH15. This new carbon-based diaphragm has a lightweight design with extremely strong tensile strength. It helps in producing cleaner sound with faster transients and lower distortion in the output signal.

With the help of a customized balanced armature driver on each side, the FiiO FH11 reproduces every minute detail in our music with precision.  It delivers a crispy treble response with amazing clarity and maintains enough warmth to complement the strong sound produced by the Carbon-based DD unit.

For a multi-driver hybrid IEM, an acoustic cavity structure can either make or break the overall performance. Using their expertise, FiiO has designed the FH11 with a three-chamber acoustic cavity structure that provides enhanced sound reproduced with the lowest distortion and gives a clear performance boost. With a properly implemented acoustic dampening structure, the FH11 maintains proper air pressure within each chamber allowing precise and accurate performance from both the drivers!!

Further complementing the performance with the three-chamber design, the FH11 also has a C-shaped acoustic flute structure. It manages the air movement inside the pair and takes it to enhance the sound. It improves bass clarity and provides improved responsiveness to the set.

FiiO FH11 IEMs have got rich and premium looks. The pair is crafted with exquisite liquid-die-cast zinc-alloy material. It looks absolutely beautiful and has lightweight aesthetics that contribute to a comfortable fit for most users!!

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