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Notification About New Naming Rules for FiiO's Future Products

FiiO Naming Conventions

To make our product names easier to remember, make it more convenient for users to purchase, and acquire better marketing effects, FiiO is going to apply new naming rules for future products after the FH15. Here are all the details about the new naming rules.

The main product name will be arranged as follows:


Product code + Upgrade code + Level code + Version code


The first letter stands for product category.

For example M stands for portable music players; FH stands for driver hybrid IEMs etc.


The second digit stands for upgrade code.

For each upgraded product, an upgrade code will be added before the level code using 1 to 9 in sequence.


The third digit stands for level code.

Odd numbers (such as 1, 3, 5, 7, 9) will define the level of the product. The larger the number, the higher level.


The fourth part stands for version code.

K/S/Pro/Plus/Max/EVO/BT/Mon will be used. As an alternative, the version code can be used in pairs.



Products that have been planned and are ready to go on the market will follow the original naming rules, such as the M15S.


Best regards,

Guangzhou FiiO Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.

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