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HiFi True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds FW3 Is Officially Released!

Budget Earphones FiiO FiiO FW3 Headphones Portable Wireless

1. Best interprets TrueWireless and true HiFi

The FW3 is a HiFi TWS product rarely seen in the same price range. It combines an independent DAC, professionally-tuned acoustic components, and a high-end Bluetooth chip in one, allowing TWS users to feel high-quality HiFi music from data conversion, transmission, and sound performance.

2. Enjoy master-level sound quality

Create excellent HiFi genes from the source. The new FW3 features an efficient AKM VELVET SOUND DAC chip— the AK4332. This high-performance chip features a signal-to-noise ratio as high as 106dB, distortion rate as low as -96dB, and a dynamic range of up to 102dB.

* The above data are based on tests of the FW3’s internal circuit.

3. Snapdragon Sound certified

Thanks to the high-end dual-DSP, dual-core CPU QCC5141 Bluetooth chip, the FW3 features exceptionally stable Bluetooth audio and general operation.

*FW3 is Snapdragon Sound certified, ensuring good sound quality.


The FW3 supports low-latency gaming mode, which is available by enabling the FiiO Music App. The gaming mode significantly lowers the transmission latency to less than 100ms, quickly responds to every action in the game, and instantly locks on the location of the target. In addition, thanks to the Bluetooth transmission with ultra-low latency, the FW3 helps to catch almost every detail when watching fast-paced films, allowing you to be totally immersed in the film.


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