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Notification About Changing Heat Shrinking to Sealing Label for FiiO K9 Pro ESS/K9 Packaging

Announcement FiiO K9 Pro Packaging

FiiO has always devoted itself to designing, producing and selling high-quality products for consumers who love music and pursue fashion. At the same time, we have been continuously tracking the listed products, from the packaging process, firmware updates and other aspects, to continue to bring users a better buying and using experience.


Recently, some users found that the desktop DAC/Amp K9 Pro ESS/K9 purchased from our official e-commerce platform or authorized dealers are not heat-sealed, so they have questions about whether the products are brand new. Here we would like to make an explanation that they are from the new batch of production, which is now sealed with a sealing label.


The reason for the change is that the packaging box of the K9 Pro ESS/K9 is too big and the heat shrinkage effect was not as expected, and we have added an express box outside the packaging box for protection. Therefore, if you buy a K9 Pro ESS/K9 from our official e-commerce platform or authorized dealer, as long as the sealing label is intact, the product is brand new.


1. All K9 Pro ESSs/K9s currently in production have been changed based on the above-mentioned way. If you purchased the product recently with heat shrink packaging, it means it was produced previously. Please be assured that the device has nothing different to do with that of the new batch.

2. In addition to the K9 Pro ESS/K9, some of the new models may also be changed to be packed with a sealing label. Details are subject to the actual product.

Thank you so much for your attention and support.

Best regards,

Guangzhou FiiO Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.

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