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DDHiFi TC44B TypeC/Lightning to 2.5/4.4mm Balanced DAC & Amplifier

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***Please Note: the TC44B comes in both USB Type-C and Lightning variants. Please make sure your have the correct version selected from the drop down menu above***

2.5mm/4.4mm Balanced Audio Adapter

The TC44B is designed with two balanced output ports for meet different needs. Both the 2.5mm and 4.4mm are simply plug and play, truly user-friendly. The 4.4mm output port is grounded connected, so it’s more suitable to use with balanced active speaker. Get one for more options!

Double-sided Symmetrical Triangle

As our previous products, DDHIFI is keen to provide the most advanced product with its unique aesthetics. The TC44B looks like a triangle cheese that wrapped with matcha skin. One side is the headphone output ports, and the other side is the input cable. The look is so usual that you will never take your eyes off on it.

Dual DAC Chips

Apart from its exquisite craftsmanship, TC44B also excels in function. Featuring dual DACs, it is able to boost high impedance headphones. We have also made optimization to its output power range, so as to get better sound quality when use with smartphone.

Wide Compatibility, Both Windows or OS Works

For OS system, there’s no need to install a separate driver but for Windows system you may need to download the driver via the web. It’s compatible for both systems so no more worries about compatibility.

Durable and Reliable Cable

For the cable part, we have selected silver-plated OCC wire with TPU coating to ensure a wear-resistant, shock-resistant, and impact-resistant cable transmission. It feels soft and thin, but the strength is there. You will feel the energy of TC44B when you get to know it.

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