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FiiO X3/X3ii 2nd Generation Lossless (FLAC/WAV/MP3) Digital Audio Player / DAC ***REFURBISHED***

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PLEASE NOTE: The following product is being sold refurbished from our returned stock. We offer refurbished stock at three quality levels, Like New, Very Good, and Good. All refurbished products are sold functioning as intended by FiiO.

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The X3II is the new standard in affordable high-resolution audio. Building on the success of the original X3, this 2nd Generation unit adds native DSD support, a better DAC (Cirrus Logic CS4398) and fits it all in a titanium colour, X1 style casing. It supports all the major lossless file formats (AIFF/APE/FLAC/ALAC/WMA/WAV) alongside traditional formats such as mp3/AAC etc.

The X3 2nd Generation boasts audiophile-grade architecture and components including two Texas Instruments OPA1642 chips (for Low Pass Filter and voltage amplification) and a LMH6643 chip for current amplification. These components work together to realize extremely low noise and phase distortion.

The X3II can also be used as a USB DAC to enhance up to 192 kHz/24 bit audio coming from a computer. Intelligent power management and new deep sleep function help extend the battery life to c.11 hours.

The unit has three outputs: a 3.5mm headphone out, a combined 3.5mm co-axial out/line out and a micro USB2.0. Memory is supplied by MicroSD cards (not included) up to the current max of 128GB; this is roughly equal to 3200 lossless songs of various formats! Quite simply, a must have for audiophiles and curious listeners alike!

    • Compact, light design (57.7mm/96.7mm/16mm, 135g)
    • New User Interface includes 10 graphic EQ and user defined playlists
    • 16~150 Ω headphone impedance range
    • Dual crystal oscillators to reduce jitter and refine playback at all sample rates
    • Separate 3.5mm headphone and 3.5mm stereo line out/co-axial ports
    • 20 Hz~20 kHz frequency response
    • Can be used as an outboard USB DAC
  • Over 10 hours battery life

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