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FiiO K5 Desktop Amplifier And Docking Interface

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The K5 is the latest in FiiO’s rebranded desktop amplifier and DAC series that builds on the innovative design of the E09 while updating it to accommodate FiiO’s newer, more advanced players and DACs. As a standalone USB or line-in amplifier the K5 uses a Texas Instruments TPA6120A2 headphone driver and exclusive FiiO technology to lower its output impedance to a transparent <1Ω while increasing the maximum output power up to 1.5W@32Ω. Once coupled with an extra amplification stage and an internal high efficiency, low noise power supply, this provides ample power to drive even the most demanding headphones. If high drain headphones are not for you then the K5 can switch between 3 different gain settings, allowing refined drive capabilities for all headphones.

The K5 gains additional functionality when combined with the FiiO X3II/X5II/X7 and E17K. In this configuration the K5 can perform as a DAC by routing the audio via USB though the inbuilt DAC of whichever unit is docked and providing further audio enhancements. A further benefit is that you can access any audio stored on your X3II/X5II/X7 (or even X1 DAP) and play them directly through the K5 into your speaker set, bypassing the need for any computer at all. When docked with the X5II or X7 you can even use the K5 as a balanced line output which can be further connected to professional-grade amplifier components. Output is otherwise provided by RCA.

  • USB powered desktop amplifier
  • Expandable DAC functionality when docked with FiiO X3II, X5II, X7 and E17K
  • Utilises a Texas Instruments TPA6120A2 current feedback headphone driver
  • Output impedance <1Ω
  • Max output power up to 1.5W@32Ω
  • Refined external design
  • 3-way Gain switch
  • Synchronised power on/off between K5 and docked unit
  • Supports RCA line input/output
  • Supports balanced line output
  • 120mm x 130mm x 55mm, 450g

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