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FiiO E07K Andes 2 Portable Headphone Amplifier / USB DAC

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The FiiO Andes E07K is a USB DAC portable headphone amplifier further advances your audio performance capabilities with 6 added functions.

Right and left output can be adjusted in order to appeal to users with different ear sensitivity. Independent bass adjustment function provides 20-shifting choice from -10 to +10 while an independent treble adjustment function provides 20-shifting choice from -10 to +10.

Line output: LO BYPASS switch can realize direct line output which should be used together with external amplifier systems. Three levels of gain selection at 0Db, 6Db and 12Db. The added hold key aims to avoid errors of operation.

The E07K lets you experience high quality acoustic playback of lossless music format (96 KHz/24 Bit); containing details in the sound that an ordinary CD (44.1 KHz/16 Bit) could not.

  • Right and left channel balance settings
  • Independent bass/treble adjustments
  • Digital volume control (0-60)
  • Two separate headphone sockets to allow easy sharing of music
  • Available in black

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