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FiiO RC-WT1 Headphone Re-cable For Westone, JH Audio, Earsonics Earphones

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The FiiO RC-WT1 is a 120cm cable designed for upgrading or re-cabling Westone brand earphones that feature the 2 pronged adapter.


The wire is made by OYAIDE (Japan) using high-purity OCC material and has been processed through low temperature hardening, creating a wire that is thick yet remains durably soft with excellent tensile strength. This process also provides a high-quality signal path for terrific audio clarity. The tensile properties have been optimized for prolonged use in all environments.


Each cable features 8 wires with 11 cores of silver-plated copper with separate independent ground wires for left and right channels. The thick soft jacket is flexible and durable to withstand the rigours of day-to-day use. The gold-plated 3.5mm plug provides compatibility with a variety of audio devices. 


For use with Westone UM3XRC & W4R, JH Audio JH13 & JH16, Earsonics SM64 plus any other models that use the Westone 2 prong connector. This cable is NOT compatible with the Westone W series i.e. W10 W20 W30 & W4. Please note that the earphone buds shown in the images are NOT included. 


• Length: 120cm (excluding plug)

• Diameter: 2.5mm

• Sheath: Teflon FEP

• Conductor: Silver plated copper (8/11/0.08)

• Single channel impedance: 0.16Ω

• High pressure resistance: 150V

• 3.5mm stereo audio plug with gold plating

• Compatible with: Westone UM3XRC & W4R / JH Audio JH13 & JH16 / Earsonics SM64

• Earphone buds NOT included