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FiiO LC-Q1M7 Dedicated Case for Stacking the Q1ii Mark 2 with M7

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FiiO LC-Q1M7 Stacking kit for HiFi FiiO Q1 Mark II AMP and FiiO M7 DAP Perfect match, inside and out. The Q1 Mark II and M7 make a perfect match which in return brings better sound performance.

With the LC-Q1M7, you can not only wrap up your O1 Mark II and M7 together in a stylish exterior, but also protects both units so that you can truly have peace of mind.

Strikingly slim for ultimate portability, despite the LC-Q1M7 essentially being made up of two different cases, it still manages to be remarkably light and thin. This lets you just use the two devices without any worries of inconvenience.

The LC-Q1M7 uses black leather that is not only resilient, but also comfortable while effectively shields both your Q1 Mark II and M7.

*Note: Since the LC-Q1M7 is made of leather, please do not expose it to water, the sun (for too long), or chemical corrosives. Note:

*The LC-Q1M7 is specially designed to pair FiiO Q1 Mark II with M7 to explore the USB Audio function on M7 *This function requires the use of the FiiO CL06 USB Type-c to micro-USB adapter (must be purchased separately)

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