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DDHiFi E2020B (Janus2) Dynamic Driver In-Ear Earphones

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*NOTE* The E2020B comes in two versions, the standard model comes with a superior cable and magnetic cable clip whereas the SE model does not. Be sure to double check you have chosen the correct model in the drop down menu above.

Dual Sockets Dynamic HiFi IEMs
The Janus2 still features dual sockets which allows the use of earphone cables featuring both the MMCX as well as the 2-pin 0.78mm connectors. Coupled with the T-shaped design, it allows you to hang down naturally or hook it over-the-ear simply by rotating the earbuds by 90 degrees.

Different speaker, the high-speed driver
The Janus 2 utilises a newly developed high-speed speaker, which results in more powerful expressive force on fast-paced music. This Φ10 dynamic driver has a very fast response speed, coupled with the special cavity design, it presents a fresh and transparent sound without excessive excitement.

Different cavity tuning, double-layer rear cavity
The double-layer vibrating rear cavity design can better control the influence of reverse sound waves and ensure a cleaner sound in the front cavity. In the aspect of materials, it adopts a metal inner layer and a double-layer PC plastic outer shell. The airflow in the rear cavity of the speaker is decelerated by the dome metal cover and gathered in the middle, and then enters the outer cavity to absorb vibration and then left out from the tail end vent hole.

Different internal wires, customised by EA
The connecting wires in the earphone is particularly important in terms of sound details, especially the high-frequency density. The connecting wires used by Janus2 is developed and provided by Effect audio, which uses a combined material of OCC and pure silver for the positive pole of the signal wire and pure OCC for the ground wire.

Different surface treatment, smooth and bright
The front cavity is made of 316 stainless steel which has been polished and electroplated. The smooth electroplated shell is not only to look different, but also to make the sound reflect faster in the cavity.

Different earphone cable, mixed copper and silver
It is the first time to use two different materials for the stock earphone cable. The positive pole of the signal wire is made of high-purity silver-plated OFC. And the ground wire is made of pure OFC material. This combination is to make the earphone more balanced as a whole and more pleasant to hear for long-term listening.

Different earphone accessories, colour changed
Compared with the retro style of the Janus, the storage case in the Janus2 looks more fashionable, and just like the tuning of Janus2. A magnetic cable clip is also included, which makes it easy to organise cables or clip to your pocket or collars.

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