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FiiO X3iii 3rd Gen High Res (MP3/FLAC/WAV) Bluetooth Digital Audio Player ***NEW and REFURBISHED***

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PLEASE NOTE: The following product is also available as refurbished from our returned stock. We offer refurbished stock at three quality levels, Like New, Very Good, and Good. All refurbished products are sold functioning as intended by FiiO. To select a refurbished model, select the required quality from the drop down menu.

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The FiiO X3iii third generation lossless audio player/DAC is the ultimate budget way to portably experience high resolution digital music. This new unit takes the fully realised sound and impressive technology of the previous generation and turns it up a notch. The X3iii boasts dual high-performance PCM5242 DAC chips in a balanced implementation which allow for effective noise rejection and a higher signal-to-noise ratio (SNR). This means that your music will come to you in its purest form, free from unwanted artifacts.  

Further additions to this new generation X3iii supports Bluetooth 4.1 courtesy of a F1C81 chipset which enables low-latency transmission to ensure optimal transmission between Bluetooth devices. The X3iii also supports both regular 3.5mm headphone jacks (including in-line remote control) alongside a 2.5mm balanced output for supporting balanced headphones (such as the FiiO F5). It also includes an inbuilt multifunctional line-out/coaxial output with support for D2P and DoP, allowing you to play DSD files through your PCM only decoder. It can even be used as an external asynchronous USB DAC, allowing you to easily decode up to 192kHz/24bit audio form your computer.  

The player design has been refreshed to fit the sleek look of the FiiO X1ii and boasts FiiOs cleverly constructed touch wheel for precise navigation. This redesign makes the unit 20% thinner then it's forebear and reduces the weight to 126g, making it an incredibly comfortable player to hold and carry. It can support up to 256GB microSD cards and play a variety of file formats such as WAV, APE, WMA, FLAC, ALAC, DSF and DFF at a sampling rate of 192kHz/32bit. The whole package is rounded off with a copious 23500mAh battery and a deep sleep function to conserve power. An incredible player for an excellent price. 

  • Dual high-performance PCM5242 DACs for precise audio replication 
  • Supports WAV, FLAC, APE, AIFF, WMA, MP3 OGG, DSD64 up to 192kHz/32bit 
  • Touch wheel for precise UI navigation 
  • Both a standard 3.5mm phono output along with a 2.5mm balanced output 
  • Regular firmware updates 
  • Bluetooth 4.1 compatible 
  • Accepts microSD cards up to 256GB 

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